Life & Style exclusive: Camille Grammer's mystery boyfriend revealed!

Camille-Grammer_pg425582.jpgJust over a year after her very public split with ex-husband Kelsey Grammer, Life & Style can reveal that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer has a new boyfriend -- bankruptcy attorney Dimitri George Charalambopoulos.

Camille has recently been hinting to the press that she has a hot young beau and Life & Style can bring you the first exclusive details about their relationship.

"They've been dating for three months and she's very into him," a friend of Camille's tells Life & Style.

Dimitri, an athletic 35-year-old Texan, has been staying in the Malibu area for months just to be near Camille, according to the pal.

"Camille finds him very attractive and is having a great time with him," the friend tells Life & Style. "They spend a lot of time at her house in Malibu, but he hasn't moved in. She says the chemistry is incredible."

The reality star had made it a point to keep the relationship hush-hush at first. "She didn't want anyone judging her because of her custody battle and ugly split with Kelsey," adds the friend.

But Camille's friend says that now that Real Housewives is on the air and they have been an item for a substantial length of time, Camille wants to tell the world about her romance. "She thinks it's time everyone knows that she's happy again," confides the pal.

Indeed, when Camille brought her new man to NBC's 8th annual pre-Emmy celebration at Spago on Saturday evening, "they were canoodling throughout the night," a party-goer tells Life & Style. "Towards the end of the evening, he starting picking roses from the floral arrangements to make a bouquet for Camille. His gesture made her blush, and she gave him a huge kiss for everyone to see. She seems so thrilled, and her friends are thrilled for her after what she's been through with Kelsey in the past year."

Camille, 48, and Kelsey, 56, divorced on Feb. 10, 2011 after 13 years of marriage. Fifteen days after their divorce was final, the Frasier star married his new wife, 30-year-old former flight attendant Kayte Walsh.

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